Say hello to a cleaner restroom in no time with ZeroFlush waterless urinals. All of our urinals are designed with cleaners in mind! Cleaning is quick, effortless and chemical-free. Just follow our instruction sheets (scroll for downloadable instructions), and there is no more scrubbing and no harsh chemicals to use.

Simply remove any rubbish on the urinal, spray, wipe and you are done. Every ZeroFlush waterless urinal will be left fresh and sparkling clean.

This is the future of urinal cleaning.


For a safe and effortless cleaning experience

Stay safe and know what to do before you start cleaning any ZeroFlush waterless urinal:

    • check the relevant SDS safety data sheet
    • put on gloves
    • check to see if any maintenance is required

Easily Identify Your ZeroFlush Urinal’s Tap System for Optimal Cleaning Results

No matter which model ZeroFlush waterless urinal you have installed, it can only legally have one of two WaterMark compliant trap operating systems in Australia as pictured below.

EnviroSeal Trapping System

EnviroSeal provides an odour-proof seal for all ZeroFlush waterless urinals. Enjoy a waterless, odourless bathroom experience.

The EnviroSeal is easily identified as it has the raised BioPur holder on it with a blur Purleve symbol on it.

EnviroSeal replacements can be purchased at our online store.

ZeroFlush Standard Insert Trap

The standard insert trap generally has the privacy dome installed on top as you can see in the picture below. The privacy dome is screwed on to protect the drainage holes from debris getting into the system. Occasionally an insert trap may be installed with a BioPur holder.

Insert Traps replacements can be purchased at our online store.

Effortlessly Simple The ZeroFlush Daily Clean

Specific downloadable easy to understand instructions for both trap operating systems are below.

Every ZeroFlush waterless urinal can be cleaned effectively with Aquatemp Spray & Go Urinal Cleaner & Deodoriser. Spray and wipe the urinal surface with Spray & Go helping retain the high gloss finish of your vitreous china urinal. In addition, the water-repelling elements in Spray & Go prevent any adhesion of urine drops, causing urine to glide off effortlessly. This keeps your urinals fresh and hygienic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a cleaner allowed to service a ZeroFlush waterless urinal?

Cleaners undertaking plumbing tasks such as urinal servicing are breaking several laws as are their employers and supervisors. Find out more.

Can I use 'Green Cartridge' for ZeroFlush waterless urinals?

Green Cartridge is not a compliant or approved or authorised system to be used in waterless urinals. Find out more.

Can I Use Desert No Flush Cartridges for ZeroFlush?

The Desert No Flush cartridge is only approved for use in a Desert No Flush waterless urinal. Find out more about non-conforming plumbing products.

How do I service a ZeroFlush waterless urinal?

Only Licensed Plumbers are legally allowed to service a urinal. Visit our ZeroFlush servicing and maintenance page for more information.

Which product is the best waterless urinal cleaner?

Aquatemp Spray & Go Urinal Cleaner and Deodoriser is an environmentally friendly, enzyme-powered urinal cleaner. Spray & Go was designed with high effectiveness in mind being a heavy-duty cleaner, a disinfectant that achieves a 6-log reduction or 99.9999% reduction of pathogens and bacteria within 30 seconds to 10 minutes, plus being an instant odour eliminator.
You can purchase Spray & Go at our online store.

Can the Trap Insert & Odour Barrier System be replaced with an EnviroSeal System?

Yes both systems are interchangeable on all ZeroFlush waterless urinals and have full WaterMark approval for use on any ZeroFlush urinal have a look at