Traditional Waterless Urinals Installed with ZeroFlush Trap Insert and Odour Barrier Oil

Waterless urinals are about the evolution of a sustainable solution for water use. ZeroFlush waterless urinals have been at the forefront of innovation for 21 years, with the proven reliability of ZeroFlush waterless urinals that use a disposable trap insert coupled with an odour barrier oil that is 100% natural and biodegradable.

Get Unbeatable Results with ZeroFlush’s Time-Tested Trap Insert – Delivering Exceptional Performance Every Time!

The ZeroFlush urinal trap insert and odour barrier oil system utilise a time-tested, proven method and technology to move urine into the waste system and eliminate urinal odours.

It’s a fact that ZeroFlush’s trap insert operating system only requires servicing about once every 15,000 uses. That nearly doubles the time between maintenance cycles compared to other waterless urinal systems that use an odour barrier oil system.

More built-in design advantages in all ZeroFlush Waterless Urinals

The advantages become apparent when you weigh the benefits of the ZeroFlush Trap Insert system against other waterless urinals in Australia. The trap insert operating system costs less to operate and maintain and is designed for easier installation and user convenience. In essence, ZeroFlush excels for several key reasons:

  • There are no full cartridges of urine to dispose of.
  • Industry-leading trap longevity: An average of 15,000 uses before maintenance.
  • No refilling traps between maintenance cycles with odour barrier oil.
  • Trouble-free design – eliminates all the problems and hassles of a mechanical valve system.
  • Designed to reduce splash-back.
  • Reduced maintenance time and costs.
  • Odour barrier oil is 100% natural and biodegradable – no harsh chemicals.
  • No special cleaning fluids are required, making it user-friendly.
  • An eco-friendly design option gives you the ability to clean & reuse the drain insert.
ZeroFlush trap insert

Effortless Performance with ZeroFlush’s Trap Insert Operating System How Does It Work?

Experience unmatched hygiene and odour control with ZeroFlush’s innovative urinal solutions. We have utilised this traditional method for 20 years, with the removable and replaceable trap insert 100% recyclable when disposed of. In addition, the odour barrier oil that prevents sewer odour emissions is 100% natural, plant-based and completely biodegradable.

Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and unpleasant odours in your restroom facilities with ZeroFlush’s all-natural plant-based odour barrier oil. It is eco-friendly and eliminates the need for deodorant blocks and cleaning products, ensuring a clean and odourless environment.

The ZeroFlush housing in every urinal model is designed to accommodate a highly effective vertical trap system, made even more efficient by the replaceable trap insert or drain insert. With this innovative solution, you can be confident in the quality and performance of your urinals, ensuring a hygienic and pleasant restroom experience for all.

Choose ZeroFlush and elevate your restroom facilities to new cleanliness, comfort, and reliability levels.

ZeroFlush waterless urinal trap insert system