Contact ZeroFlush Australia

ZeroFlush Australia is a division of Aquatemp Environmental Solutions Pty Ltd. We are based in Hope Island, Queensland.

For enquiries Gary Mays on (07) 5502 3248


How do I clean ZeroFlush waterless urinals?

Follow our comprehensive ZeroFlush waterless urinal cleaning instructions to safely and thoroughly clean ZeroFlush urinals. Visit our cleaning instructions page.

Where can I buy ZeroFlush urinals?

The ZeroFlush range is available at discounted prices via our online store at We ship anywhere in Australia.

How can I get my ZeroFlush waterless urinal serviced?

Contact us via the secure form on this page as we can put you in touch with an ZeroFlush plumber who can assist you in your local area.

Where can I buy ZeroFlush products?

Our online store, Aquatemp, stocks a full range of ZeroFlush products and ships anywhere in Australia. Visit Aquatemp.