ZeroFlush EnviroSeal Operating System

Elevate Your Urinals Performance with ZeroFlush’s EnviroSeal Waterless Urinals – The Future of Hygiene and Sustainability!

Discover the perfect blend of advanced technology, environmental responsibility, and unparalleled expertise. With ZeroFlush’s EnviroSeal Waterless Urinals, you’re not just installing a urinal—you’re revolutionising hygiene and championing sustainability.

Why ZeroFlush EnviroSeal is a game changer in urinal technology:

  • Lead the Sustainable Revolution: Transition from water-flush urinals to a more eco-friendly option, slashing costs and environmental impact.
  • Innovative Technology: Experience an upgrade in public toilet aesthetics and functionality through EnviroSeal’s state-of-the-art design and manufacturing.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Bid farewell to pricey servicing and odour-barrier oils. Save money while promoting hygiene.
  • Economical Hygiene: Eliminate the need for expensive maintenance and odour-control products. With ZeroFlush, enjoy long-term savings and enhanced cleanliness.”
ZeroFlush EnviroSeal operating system

Experience Performance Beyond Expectation with EnviroSeal’s Next-Level Solution

The EnviroSeal system provides superior odourless performance to waterless urinal technology, guaranteeing a trouble-free operation simultaneously with a vast improvement in total male public toilet facility sanitation and hygiene.

With the EnviroSeal system, expect unparalleled sanitation. Here’s what makes it stand out:

      • Odourless Operation: Benefit from the fast-acting elastomer trapping system, ensuring enhanced odour and seal protection.
      • Atmospheric Enhancement: The slow release of active hydrogen peroxide from our BioPur Peroxetab neutralises and eliminates odours, elevating user experience.
      • Eco-conscious Design: EnviroSeal and BioPur systems are entirely recyclable and designed for lasting use.
      • Bacterial Defense: Our unique Silver Ion Bionic Infusion technology works tirelessly to counteract bacteria accumulation on surfaces, nipping odours in the bud.
      • Nature-Powered Cleaning: Harness the power of all-natural enzyme cleaning technology.
      • Simplified Maintenance: Make public toilet facility upkeep even more straightforward and efficient.

How an EnviroSeal System Ensures a Cleaner, Healthier and Odour-Controlled Public Toilet Facility

Odour control is critical in male public toilet facilities, and EnviroSeal excels in this area with its meticulously engineered elastomer seal:

Diagram 1: The elastomer seal remains securely closed, preventing any unwanted odours

Diagram 2: The elastomer seal opens instantly upon usage, allowing urine to pass through to the sewer waste pipe drain seamlessly.

Diagram 3: Immediately after urine ceases to flow, the elastomer seal closes back up, ensuring no sewer odours escape into the restroom.

Opt for the ZeroFlush EnviroSeal operating system to redefine male public toilet hygiene and sustainability standards.