How ZeroFlush Waterless Urinals Work: A Simple, Yet Highly Effective Urinal System

If you’re looking for urinals while also considering water and maintenance servicing costs, look no further than ZeroFlush Waterless Urinals.

The ZeroFlush Urinals system, with its patented design, not only provides substantial annual water bill savings per urinal but also supports environmental conservation, water sustainability, and the efficiency of sewerage waste infrastructure. Designed for durability and longevity, ZeroFlush Waterless Urinals are known for their remarkable environmental functional lifespan, straightforward maintenance, and dependable operational life cycle of at least twenty-five years.

Their easy maintenance routine saves time and costs associated with cleaning, servicing, and overall maintenance. Each ZeroFlush waterless urinal embodies a sustainable and eco-friendly method, resulting in notable reductions in annual water and sewerage wastewater costs.

The principle behind waterless urinals is simple and effective. Given that human urine is approximately 96% water, the additional water used for transportation through drains is redundant. ZeroFlush offers a viable, sustainable alternative that lessens the demand on water resources and sewerage waste infrastructure, providing an environmentally responsible solution.

ZF101 ZeroFlush waterless urinals installed  by Whywait Plumbing
ZF201 ZeroFlush waterless urinals at Pat Rafter Arena being serviced by Whywait Plumbing

ZeroFlush Waterless Urinal Trap Systems: The Core of Efficient Urinal Functionality

At the heart of a ZeroFlush urinal lies its distinctively engineered urinal trap systems: the Trap Insert and EnviroSeal systems. Both systems are built upon trusted, well-established methods and technology. Their primary objective is twofold:

  • Efficient Urine Disposal: Leveraging the innovative design of these systems, urine is seamlessly channelled into the waste system, ensuring smooth, consistent operation.
  • Odour Elimination: An essential aspect of urinal functionality is odour control. ZeroFlush’s trap systems are specially designed to tackle this challenge, effectively neutralising and eliminating any unwanted scents.

By integrating these time-tested technologies, ZeroFlush guarantees a urinal experience that’s both efficient and pleasant for users.

How ZeroFlush Waterless Urinals Work

The core functionality of how ZeroFlush waterless urinals work lies in their simple yet effective uniquely designed trap systems. The urinal’s design incorporates these trap systems, which are removable and replaceable, forming a highly efficient vertical seal.

Remarkably, these trap systems operate without the need for harsh chemicals. Instead of resorting to traditional deodorant blocks and other chemical-laden products, ZeroFlush provides a natural, clean, and odourless environment. This design fosters a pleasant user experience and promotes a healthier workspace for colleagues and visitors.

Furthermore, ZeroFlush waterless urinals address the issue of bacterial growth head-on. By eliminating the water spray, a common breeding ground for odour-creating bacteria, bacterial presence is markedly reduced. Scientific studies corroborate that public toilet facilities with ZeroFlush waterless urinals have a notably lower odour bacterial count than those using conventional water-based flushing systems.

ZeroFlush Marrying Tradition with an Advanced Trap Insert and Odour Barrier Oil System

Celebrating two decades of pioneering innovation in waterless urinal technology, ZeroFlush has consistently set reliability and environmental responsibility benchmarks. Our signature offering combines the efficiency of a disposable trap insert with the purity of an all-natural, biodegradable odour barrier oil.

Key Features of ZeroFlush Trap Insert and Odour Barrier Oil System:

  1. Proven Efficacy: Our trap insert and odour barrier oil system employs trusted methods to seamlessly guide urine into sewerage waste pipe systems, leaving behind no odours.
  2. Extended Service Intervals: The trap insert operating system demands servicing only after approximately 15,000 uses, drastically lengthening the time between maintenance cycles compared to rival systems.
  3. Eco-friendly Components: The replaceable trap insert is effective and 100% recyclable. Moreover, our unique odour barrier oil, derived from natural vegetable sources, ensures odour prevention in an eco-conscious manner.
  4. Elimination of Harsh Chemicals: Thanks to our 100% plant-based odour barrier oil that is biodegradable, restrooms no longer need deodorant blocks or strong chemical cleaners, assuring users of a pristine, odour-free environment.
  5. Innovative Design: Every ZeroFlush urinal is crafted to house an efficient vertical trap system bolstered by providing a replaceable trap or drain insert.

In a world that increasingly demands sustainability without compromising efficiency, ZeroFlush continues to provide restroom solutions that guarantee hygiene, user comfort, and eco-responsibility. Make the informed choice; opt for ZeroFlush and redefine the standard for public toilet excellence.

ZeroFlush trap insert

ZeroFlush’s EnviroSeal Operating System: The Pinnacle of Sustainable Hygiene

The EnviroSeal operating system embodies a harmonious future where state-of-the-art technology and sustainability coexist. The EnviroSeal system represents our commitment to revolutionising urinal technology, merging aesthetics, innovative design, and our unwavering pledge to ecological responsibility.

EnviroSeal stands out in the domain of waterless urinal trapping solutions, offering unmatched benefits:

  1. Odour and Seal Protection: Its rapid-response elastomer trapping system guarantees immediate sealing after use, ensuring superior odour prevention and seal integrity.
  2. Ambient Fragrance: The slow release of active hydrogen peroxide from our BioPur Peroxetab neutralises and eliminates odours, elevating user experience.
  3. Sustainable Components: The EnviroSeal and BioPur systems have been designed sustainably, fully recyclable and intended for long-term use.
  4. Advanced Bacterial Control: Our unique Silver Ion Bionic Infusion technology works tirelessly to counteract bacteria accumulation on surfaces, nipping odours in the bud.
  5. Natural Cleaning Mechanism: We’ve incorporated an all-natural enzyme-based cleaning approach, minimising chemical reliance while ensuring cleanliness.
  6. User-friendly Maintenance: The simplicity of the EnviroSeal system design translates to straightforward maintenance and cleaning processes.

With the EnviroSeal operating system by ZeroFlush, every male public toilet facility can be a testament to impeccable hygiene and environmental stewardship. Choose the future; choose EnviroSeal.