Green Cartridge Is Not Approved

by | Oct 21, 2019 | green cartridge

The Truth About Green Cartridge Claims in Australia

The market for waterless urinal cartridges is rife with various products promising compatibility and efficiency. However, not all claims hold up under scrutiny, especially when it comes to compliance with Australian standards. This is the case with the Green Cartridge, a product that has been a topic of contention due to misleading claims about its suitability for various urinal brands, including ZeroFlush.

Understanding the Green Cartridge Product

Origins and Claims: The Green Cartridge is manufactured by LiquidBreaker in the United States and is primarily designed for Falcon waterless urinals. It is imported into Australia by Bio Natural Solutions and is claimed to be compatible with a range of brands.

The Misleading Claims of Compatibility

A Closer Look at Compatibility Statements: Bio Natural Solutions advertises Green Cartridges as an alternative for several leading brands’ cartridges, which is a statement that requires careful examination.

Bio Natural Solutions claim, amongst other things, that “The Green Cartridge is an alternate to Falcon Waterfree®, Uridan®, Urimat®, Waterless No-flushTM, Caroma®, Sloan®, Rubbermaid®, American Standard®, Waterless Company®, Zurn® and Zero Flush® urinal cartridges.” This is misleading and deceptive for the following reasons:

  • Only a couple of these urinals use replaceable cartridges
  • Green Cartridge has no approval to be used as an alternate product in any brand of waterless urinal

Compliance Issues

The Lack of Necessary Approvals: The Green Cartridge does not have the WaterMark approval necessary for use in waterless urinals in Australia, which is a critical oversight for any product in the plumbing industry. The simple facts are:

  • Green Cartridge urinal cartridge does not have WaterMark approval to be used in waterless urinals as they have never been tested or approved to ATS 5200.469, which is the Australian technical specification for products to be used in waterless or limited flush urinals with an integral sealing device.
  • Green Cartridge urinal cartridges have no WaterMark approval under ATS 5200.459:2004 Technical Specification for plumbing and drainage products, Part 459: Waterless urinals—Wall-hung to be an integral part of a waterless urinal

The Risks of Using Unapproved Products

Impact on Urinal Functionality and Legality: The use of Green Cartridge in waterless urinals can lead to issues with odour and functionality due to the lack of a proper seal, which can then incorrectly be attributed to the urinal manufacturer.

Legal Ramifications and Consumer Rights

Australian Consumer Law and User Protections: Australian consumer laws provide protection and recourse for consumers who have been misled, including refunds and compensation to restore urinals to compliant states.

The Situation in the United States

Withdrawal from Sale and Litigation: The Green Cartridge has faced legal challenges in the United States as well, indicating a broader problem with the product’s marketing and performance claims.

Conclusion: The Importance of Compliance

It is crucial for users and facilities managers to be aware of the standards required for waterless urinals in Australia and to ensure that any products used meet these standards. By doing so, they uphold the integrity of their urinal systems and stay within the bounds of the law.

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