ZeroFlush vs Low Water Flush Urinals: Unmasking Efficiency Myths

by | Dec 2, 2023 | low water flush urinals

Debunking the Myth: The Superior Efficiency and Maintenance Advantages of ZeroFlush Waterless Urinals Over Modern Low Water Flush Urinals

In the evolving world of urinal technology, I’ve observed firsthand the ongoing debate about the efficiency and maintenance requirements of the low water flush urinals versus waterless urinals. I’ve seen a myriad of changes and advancements, particularly in urinal technology. 

A significant innovation in this field has been the development of ZeroFlush waterless urinals. Despite common misconceptions, these urinals outperform modern low water flush urinals in several key areas, including efficiency, maintenance, durability, longevity, cost, and environmental impact. 

Drawing on my 47 years of plumbing and business experience, let’s address and debunk the common misconception that modern water flush urinals are more efficient and require less maintenance than ZeroFlush waterless urinals.

Addressing Misconceptions and Evaluating Low Water Flush Urinals

The common beliefs about the effectiveness of water flush urinals, particularly low water flush models, are based on misconceptions. These systems often need more maintenance and are less efficient at all levels over time. ZeroFlush waterless urinals offer a more practical and sustainable solution, challenging these traditional views with innovative design and functionality.

Reflections on Urinal Cleaning Misconceptions

After 47 years in the plumbing industry, I’ve often encountered the mistaken belief that low water flush urinals are superior due to their use of water for flushing and, therefore, cleaning the urinal at every flush. However, this view overlooks that flushing water is a transportation device and the inefficiency of water as a cleaning agent:

  • Water’s Inadequacy: Contrary to popular belief, water alone is not an effective cleaner for urinals, often leaving stains and failing to remove waste and bacteria adequately.
  • Dependence on Chemicals and Urinal Mats: The need for urinal mats and harsh chemicals in water flush systems contradicts the notion of water being an efficient cleaner.

Evaluating Low Water Flush Urinals

  • Limited Cleaning Effectiveness: Low water flush urinals, while marketed for efficiency, don’t provide enough water to clean urinal surfaces effectively, leading to stains and waste accumulation. This is why they invariably are installed with urinal mats or urinal blocks in an attempt to deodourise.
  • Misguided Efficiency Claims: Reduced water usage is often negated by the increased need for chemical cleaners to maintain hygiene and control odours.
  • Ongoing Maintenance Issues: These urinals still face challenges like uric salt buildup and blockages, similar to traditional flush models.

The ZeroFlush Waterless Solution

ZeroFlush waterless urinals address these issues by eliminating the need for flushing water and instead using the natural properties of urine and the non-porous, double-glazed Vitreous China urinal for self-cleaning, thereby reducing maintenance needs and environmental impact.

ZeroFlush vs Low Water Flush Urinals: Unmasking Efficiency MythsInitial Installation Costs

  • Extensive Plumbing Needs: Water flush urinals typically necessitate an initial capital cost up to three times higher than ZeroFlush urinals, owing to the extra plumbing infrastructure like electronic sensors, water supply lines and complex drainage systems.
  • More straightforward Installation Process: In contrast, installing ZeroFlush urinals is less complex and costly, requiring minimal plumbing alterations, making them an economically advantageous option from the outset.

The Myth of Efficiency in Low Water Flush Urinals

  • Water Usage: Despite their low-flush designs, modern water flush urinals can’t match the zero-water usage of ZeroFlush urinals. The water savings with ZeroFlush are substantial, benefiting both the environment and finances.
  • Energy Consumption: ZeroFlush urinals significantly reduce energy usage associated with water treatment processes, eliminating the need for flushing.

Maintenance: The Hidden Cost of Low Water Flush Urinals

Maintenance requirements and costs are where water flush urinals genuinely need to catch up. Water-flushing urinals are brand new for the first few years and require minimal maintenance. Electronic components, especially in a moist environment, will likely fail after a few years, necessitating costly replacements.

Typically, after the expiration of the warranty period, the breakdowns begin with electronic sensors failing and expensive plumbing maintenance beginning.

  • Uric Salt Blockages: Regular, often complex maintenance is required for water flush urinals due to uric salts and minerals accumulation. Conversely, ZeroFlush urinals significantly reduce these blockage issues.
  • Electronics and Corrosion: Electronic sensors and flushing mechanisms in water flush urinals are prone to corrosion and wear, leading to costly replacements over time. The constant exposure to water and urine will lead to corrosion and wear of electronic components.
  • Trap replacements: While ZeroFlush urinals are designed for simple removal and replacement of their operating systems or trap systems, most water flushing urinals have complex siphonic trapping systems that either are inbuilt and cannot be replaced or require complete disconnection and removal of the urinal.

Health and Hygiene Factors

  • Water Flush Urinals and Bacteria: The mixture of water and urine continually being sprayed into the air as water vapour in traditional urinals can lead to bacterial growth in the tile grout, contributing to unpleasant odours.
  • ZeroFlush’s Hygienic Advantage: By eliminating the moist environment created by water vapour that facilitates bacterial growth, ZeroFlush urinals significantly reduce odour problems, promoting a more hygienic restroom environment.

Economic and Ecological Impact

  • Cost-Effectiveness: The absence of complex electronic or mechanical parts in ZeroFlush urinals means lower long-term maintenance costs and financial savings.
  • Environmental Responsibility: With zero water usage and reduced energy requirements, ZeroFlush urinals play a significant role in promoting sustainable plumbing practices.

Environmental Impact

  • Reduced Water Consumption: In an era where water conservation is crucial, ZeroFlush urinals offer an essential benefit.
  • Lower Carbon Footprint: ZeroFlush urinals contribute to a lower carbon footprint by reducing water treatment and distribution needs.

Unmatched Durability of ZeroFlush Urinals

  • Perpetual Functionality: Proper cleaning and annual drain maintenance ensure that a ZeroFlush urinal can function indefinitely, highlighting its robust design and quality.
  • Simplified Maintenance: These urinals require minimal upkeep, mainly regular cleaning and occasional replacement of parts like the EnviroSeal.
  • No Complex Electronics and Mechanics: The absence of intricate electronic or mechanical flushing systems significantly reduces potential failures and maintenance hassles.

Enhanced Cleaning and Hygiene

ZeroFlush waterless urinals offer a more efficient, eco-friendly, and straightforward cleaning solution than water flush urinals, enhancing overall restroom hygiene and reducing maintenance efforts.

Cleaning Challenges with Water Flush Urinals

  • Harsh Chemicals Required: These urinals often need strong chemical cleaners for water stains and bacteria, posing environmental and health risks.
  • Bacteria on Surfaces: Constant water presence leads to bacterial growth on walls and floors, demanding intensive cleaning.
  • Intensive Scrubbing: Regular, rigorous scrubbing is necessary to prevent mineral deposits and maintain hygiene.

The ZeroFlush Waterless Urinals Cleaning Advantage

  • Natural Enzyme Cleaning: Utilises environmentally friendly, enzyme-based cleaners that effectively break down organic matter.
  • Minimised Bacterial Growth: The dry environment significantly reduces bacterial growth, leading to cleaner surfaces.
  • Simplified Cleaning Routine: Cleaning is less labour-intensive, typically requiring just regular wiping and enzyme cleaner application.

Urinal Mats Odour Control Management

The absence of a need for urinal mats in ZeroFlush waterless urinals not only simplifies maintenance but also contributes to lowering the overall cost of upkeep, offering a more efficient and economical solution compared to low water flush urinals. The installation of ineffective, high-cost urinal mats in all water-flushing urinals has now morphed into an industry standard for cleaning and hygiene companies.

Odour Management in Low Water Flush Urinals

  • The necessity of Urinal Mats: Low water flush urinals frequently require the installation of urinal mats to help control odours. Often impregnated with chemicals or fragrances, these mats act as a barrier to reducing unpleasant smells.
  • Additional Maintenance Cost: Using urinal mats adds to the maintenance expenses. These mats need regular replacement to ensure effectiveness, contributing to ongoing costs.

The ZeroFlush Waterless Urinals Advantage

  • No Need for Urinal Mats: ZeroFlush urinals, due to their innovative design and natural enzyme cleaning process, do not require urinal mats for odour control.
  • Lower Maintenance Costs: Eliminating the need for urinal mats further reduces the maintenance costs associated with ZeroFlush urinals, enhancing their cost-effectiveness over time.

The Perception That Flushing Water Cleans Will Always Be A Myth

Contrary to popular belief, modern low water flush urinals are neither more efficient nor require less maintenance than ZeroFlush waterless urinals. 

ZeroFlush urinals offer lower installation costs, lower water usage, reduced maintenance needs, and a more negligible environmental impact, making them a superior choice. As sustainable practices become increasingly important, it’s evident that ZeroFlush urinals represent not just a trend but a practical, long-term solution.

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