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by | Dec 26, 2012 | Fresh and Green

Email from Robert Carlile of Alsco Pty Ltd

In our technical update of April 2012, we published an article plus photos of the Fresh & Green biological cartridges that we seen being installed in several water flushing and waterless urinals titled Fresh & Green Inserts Are Not A Compliant Urinal System. On 11 April, we received the following email from Robert Carlile of Alsco Pty Ltd:

“Good afternoon Gary, we recently received a copy of your technical update from one of our customers. They were concerned about some of the inaccuracies contained in the report and brought it to our attention.

Alsco are the Australian distributor of the Whiffaway biological cartridges and cleaning products which we market under Fresh & Green. There is no association with Cannon Hygiene.

The Wiffaway cartridges have the Watermark accreditation having passed all the stringent requirements to reach this standard. I trust you will check this out thoroughly

I notice with interest the photo’s in the technical update showing the uric acid build up. All biological products require a combination of the biological tabs contained in the cartridge and effective daily cleaning using a concentrated biological cleaning agent. It is clear from the pictures that the cleaners of this facility have not been using the biological cleaners which would have eliminated this problem.

We have thousands of installations where the Whiffaway services work extremely well, it requires the joint cooperation of Alsco and the cleaners to achieve this result.

Both our organisations are in the business of creating good washroom environments, I would respectfully request that you check these facts before publishing any additional information about the Whiffaway cartridge.

Kind Regards

Robert Carlile

Regional General Manager

Alsco Pty Ltd”

Request for WaterMark Certificate

Several sources had told us that Cannon Hygiene was selling Fresh & Green and had no reason to doubt the information. As we had previously checked out the WaterMark listings and had found nothing on Fresh & Green, we sent Robert Carlile the following email on 12 April:


I acknowledge your email of yesterday.

Before I comment further would you please supply me with the WaterMark license numbers you are referring to that covers the Fresh & Green product.

Kind Regards

Gary Mays”

Further Request for Fresh and Green WaterMark Certificate

After waiting two weeks for a reply I again sent Robert Carlile another email on 26 April after a client that had ZeroFlush urinals installed had been told by a person selling Fresh & Green that their products were fully approved by ZeroFlush for installation in our urinals:

“Good Afternoon Robert,

Further to my email to you 2 weeks ago I am surprised that I have not had a response from you giving me the information requested on your WaterMark approvals.

We have been contacted today by a client who has been told that your product is approved for ZeroFlush waterless urinals which you are well aware it is not and the client has been told so accordingly.

Please provide the information requested to back up your claims in the original email you sent me.

Kind Regards

Gary Mays”

Confirmation that Fresh and Green has No WaterMark Approval for Use in Urinals

Finally, on 30 April, we received a reply from Robert Carlile with a copy of their WaterMark approval, which was only issued on 7 March 2012 and is only approved to allow their product to be installed as a waste outlet, such as in a floor waste. It confirmed that there is and never has been any WaterMark approval granted to allow installation into any waterless urinal as per the email below:

“Good morning Gary,

My apologies for the delay is getting back to you. I have be travelling and not in contact with emails.

We have not contacted any of the waterless urinal manufacturers to gain approval for retrofitting the Whiffaway cartridge. I will ensure all staff members are aware this approval has not been sort and not required

Please see Watermark approval attached.


Robert Carlile | Regional General Manager | Alsco Pty Ltd.”

We have checked out Robert Carlile’s claims, and our views can be seen by reading Fresh & Green: The Facts