ZeroFlush Urinal Supply Chain Challenges: Addressing Ongoing Delays

by | Mar 2, 2024 | ZeroFlush waterless urinals

Despite what many people think, the impact of COVID-19 continues to echo through the global supply chain, affecting industries worldwide, including ours at ZeroFlush. 

As the only Australian manufacturer building waterless urinals within Australia, we are deeply committed to supporting the local economy by sourcing and assembling our products entirely within Australia, specifically at our facility in Arundel on the Gold Coast. However, omnipresent international supply chain issues have again impacted our operations.

Our assembly process is designed to be efficient and systematic, relying heavily on specific materials such as two epoxy products. This adhesive is crucial for assembling ZeroFlush urinals, which are constructed uniformly across the globe using the same high-quality materials. 

Traditionally, we have sourced our adhesives from Ellsworth Adhesives, benefiting from their local warehouse in Sydney. Recent changes, however, have disrupted this arrangement; we have been informed that our future orders must be processed through their Hong Kong office due to the closure of their Australian operations.

This change has led to unexpected delays in our assembly of ZeroFlush urinals, impacting our ability to meet customer demands promptly. It is essential to clarify that alternative adhesives, such as silicon-based products, are unsuitable for our urinals. Silicon adhesives can compromise the quality of the porcelain surface, which is why we cannot consider them as a replacement.

We actively seek solutions to these supply issues, aiming to minimise production delays and fulfil orders as efficiently as possible. Our priority is to address these challenges quickly, although our production capacity is currently constrained until the necessary adhesives are received.

We value the understanding and patience of our clients during this period and are committed to resolving these supply chain issues promptly. Thank you for your continued support.