Why Urinals Are Increasingly Being Blocked With Toilet Paper?

by | Jul 14, 2023 | blocked urinal

Urinal drains blocked with toilet paper tissue have become an escalating issue that requires attention. Understanding why this happens, and the cultural debates surrounding the topic helps to shed light on a problem that affects sanitation and plumbing systems.

urinals blocked with toilet paper

Blocked ZeroFlush ZF201 urinal with crumpled toilet paper tissue blocking the drain inlets

Toilet Paper in Urinals: An Unintended Consequence

Urinals were never engineered to flush away toilet paper, as their drainage connections were solely designed to manage the flow of water and urine.

The recent fashion among some men to dab rather than shake has led to the surprising sight of toilet paper clogging urinal drains.

The Cultural Aspect: Dabbing and Cleaning in Islamic Countries

In predominantly Islamic nations, the use of spray douche hose kits beside urinals is a common practice.

Cleaning oneself after urinating is considered an emphasised sunna act, fulfilled either by wiping or washing the area. This cultural practice partly explains why urinals are sometimes found blocked with toilet paper.

The Australian Perspective: Shake or Dab?

For most Australian males, the ritual at the urinal is simple: unzip, urinate, shake, and go. There’s no need for fuss or mess.

However, a growing minority of men prefer the gentle dab with toilet paper, arguing that shaking can be unhygienic as urine droplets may scatter.

Medical Opinion: Neither Right nor Wrong

Urologists have weighed in on the dab vs shake debate, stating that neither group is wrong.

The accepted medical stance is that “using toilet paper to wipe off urine droplets or shaking off the residual urine is acceptable and safe.

The risks are minimal as long as proper hygiene is maintained, and the penis is washed daily with soap and water.”

Urinals Blocked with Toilet Paper Are an Ongoing Challenge for Plumbing Systems

Unfortunately, the shift towards dabbing poses a challenge for urinal design, as they cannot be easily adapted to flush toilet paper. This leaves us with an ongoing debate and potential plumbing issues.

How to Keep Urinals Blocked With Toilet Paper Clear

Conclusion: Hygiene Is Key

The choice between dabbing and shaking may vary according to personal preference, cultural background, or even health beliefs.

Regardless of the method chosen, it’s vital to remember proper hygiene and be aware of the infrastructure’s limitations. Consideration for how our choices impact the plumbing system can lead to more informed decisions and help maintain both personal hygiene and public sanitation.

Whether you choose to dab or shake, let’s keep cleanliness and consideration for others at the forefront!