Warning to Plumbers: Do Not Tamper With ZeroFlush Urinal Housing Fixing Hex Bolts

by | Feb 1, 2022 | ZeroFlush waterless urinals

Attention plumbers and maintenance teams: We’ve noticed a recurring issue with the stainless steel hex bolts on ZeroFlush waterless urinals, which has persisted for over two decades. Understanding that each ZeroFlush urinal is built with a uniform housing made from ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is crucial. We chose ABS for its superior performance and environmental sustainability, being 100% recyclable over PVC.

During the assembly of our urinals, the ABS housing is attached to a visible stainless steel metal ring. This assembly is secured underneath the urinal with four stainless steel hex bolts. These bolts are integral to the structure, holding everything in place while the epoxy sets and dries.

Do Not Tamper With ZeroFlush Urinal Housing Fixing Hex Bolts

However, we’ve encountered situations where the ABS housing is impacted with significant force, usually from above, by untrained maintenance staff or cleaners trying to clear blockages. This sometimes results in a minor leak, typically manifesting as a drip under the urinal. The presence of these leaks often leads plumbers to mistakenly adjust the stainless steel hex bolts, attempting to tighten or loosen them. Unfortunately, this action can exacerbate the problem, as these bolts are not meant to be tampered with once the urinal is fully assembled.

The housing design might misleadingly resemble a plug and waste, leading some to believe it can be detached or adjusted. It’s important to emphasise that these components are not designed for removal or adjustment post-installation. Attempting to do so can lead to more significant issues, including further damage to the urinal.

In summary, the stainless steel hex bolts under the ZeroFlush waterless urinal are critical to the unit’s structural integrity and should not be tampered with. We advise against using a hex key to tighten or loosen these bolts to prevent unintentional damage. In the event of a warranty claim, if we find that, in our opinion, the hex bolts have been tampered with, then the warranty claim will be rejected.

Please get in touch with us directly for guidance on addressing any issues with ZeroFlush urinals, ensuring their longevity and optimal performance.