The Role of Waterless Urinals in Sustainable Certification

by | Nov 3, 2023 | Sustainable Certification

The Role of Waterless Urinals in Sustainable Certification: A Key for Australia’s Greener Buildings

In the pursuit of environmental stewardship and sustainability, Australia stands at the forefront, with stringent water conservation standards and a strong commitment to green building practices. 

Among these practices, waterless urinals have emerged as an innovative solution contributing significantly to sustainable certifications like the globally recognised Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and Australia’s own Green Star rating system. 

Let’s delve into how waterless urinals, such as those provided by ZeroFlush, are becoming a staple in the blueprint of eco-friendly architecture in Australia.

A Dry Run to Sustainability: Understanding Waterless Urinals

Before diving into certifications, it’s essential to understand what waterless urinals are and how they operate. These fixtures eschew the need for water to flush, using a variety of technologies such as sealant liquids, membranes, or valve systems instead to contain odour and maintain hygiene. 

The result is a dramatic reduction in water usage, which aligns with Australia’s water conservation goals given the continent’s climate variability and frequent drought conditions.

Waterless Urinals and LEED Certification

LEED certification is an internationally recognised mark of excellence in green building. While it originated in the United States, LEED has been adapted to fit the Australian context, with local buildings striving to meet its stringent criteria.

 Water efficiency stands as a critical category in LEED, where waterless urinals can play a pivotal role. They can significantly contribute to a building achieving LEED points under the ‘Water Efficiency’ credit category, which directly impacts the building’s certification level, from Certified up to Platinum.

By installing ZeroFlush waterless urinals, Australian buildings can drastically reduce potable water usage, a key metric in the LEED scoring system. Moreover, because LEED also considers innovation in design, the use of such cutting-edge and sustainable technologies can further earn points towards the certification.

Green Star – A Star in Australia’s Green Building

Closer to home, Green Star is an internationally recognised sustainability rating system for buildings, fit-outs, and communities. It is Australia’s largest voluntary environmental rating system for buildings, which evaluates the environmental design and construction of buildings and communities through a series of credit points.

Waterless urinals, by virtue of their significant water savings, can contribute to Green Star’s ‘Water’ category. The water conservation they enable supports the ‘Reducing Potable Water Consumption’ credit, which is integral to achieving a high Green Star rating. ZeroFlush’s technology can be instrumental for projects looking to optimise their water consumption metrics and achieve a prestigious Green Star rating.

Beyond Ratings: Waterless Urinals and the Australian Context

While certifications are crucial, the benefits of waterless urinals extend beyond just checking a box for building ratings. In Australia, where the variable climate often leads to water scarcity, every drop counts. 

Waterless urinals are not just a pathway to sustainable certification but a necessary response to the environmental challenges facing the country. They are a proactive step in water conservation, crucial for the responsible management of Australia’s precious water resources.

Installing ZeroFlush: A Sustainable Certification Strategy

ZeroFlush waterless urinals offer a practical and effective option for those looking to enhance their building’s sustainability profile. 

When developers and architects choose ZeroFlush, they’re opting for a product that delivers on two fronts: sustainability and innovation. This choice is reflected in the enhanced ability to meet the stringent criteria of certifications like LEED and Green Star.

Innovative Urinal Technology for Sustainability and Sustainable Certification

Water conservation is no longer a fringe aspect of building design in Australia; it’s a central criterion. The integration of waterless urinals is a testament to the evolution of sustainable building practices in the country. 

As we look to the future, the role of products like ZeroFlush waterless urinals will only become more critical in achieving the environmental benchmarks set forth by sustainable certification programs. By adopting waterless technologies, Australia is not only leading by example but also ensuring a greener, more sustainable future for the next generation.

For those interested in learning more about how ZeroFlush waterless urinals can contribute to your building’s sustainable certification, visit to explore the possibilities and make a significant stride towards greener building solutions.