Enswico Key-System Waterless Urinal Wastes Are Illegal

by | Jan 16, 2016 | Enswico key system

The Enswico Key-System waterless urinal wastes are illegal and not approved for retrofitting in any waterless urinal in Australia.

In Australia, the Enswico Key-System urinal wastes are imported and sold by Tom Stoddart Pty Ltd, trading as Stoddart Manufacturing of 149 Jackson Road, Sunnybank Hills, Queensland.

Stoddart Manufacturing sells three waterless urinals that utilise the Enswico Key-System urinal waste. In compliance with Australian law, these urinals have been tested and certified in their entirety as compliant with ATS 5200.469, which is the Australian technical specification for products to be used in waterless or limited flush urinals with an integral sealing device and have WaterMark certification.

Stoddart Manufacturing is selling Waterless Urinal Waste when, legally, there is no such product. Enswico claims, amongst other things, that their Key-System urinal wastes are an alternative to Falcon Waterfree®, Uridan®, Urimat® and Zero Flush® urinal cartridges. This is misleading and deceptive for the following straightforward reasons:

Enswico Key-System urinal wastes distributed and sold by Stoddart Manufacturing have NO WATERMARK APPROVAL to be used as an alternate product in any brand of waterless urinal in Australia.

The facts are that Enswico Key-System urinal wastes are not a compliant or approved or authorised system and, therefore, are illegal to be used as an alternate product because simply:

    • Enswico Key-System urinal wastes do not have WaterMark approval to be used in waterless urinals as they have never been tested or approved to ATS 5200.469 in any ZeroFlush, Uridan, Urimat or Falcon waterless urinal.
    • Enswico Key-System urinal wastes have no WaterMark approval under ATS 5200.459:2004 “Technical Specification for plumbing and drainage products, Part 459: Waterless urinals—Wall-hung to be an integral part of a waterless urinal.”

Enswico urinal wastes are a sub-standard one-product-fits-all solution

In our opinion, Enswico Key-System urinal wastes are a substandard inferior product when compared with the ZeroFlush EnviroSeal system, which underwent three years of testing and field trials to ensure superior odourless performance to guarantee a trouble-free operation with enhanced odour and seal protection by utilising a fast opening and closing elastomer trapping system.

Most importantly, the EnviroSeal System is a legal system with full WaterMark approval for all ZeroFlush waterless urinals.

Enswico Key-System urinal wastes are a universal, one-product-fits-all solution that has never been tested and WaterMark certified to work specifically with ZeroFlush waterless urinals or any other urinal that Uridan, Urimat or Falcon manufacture that we are aware of.

ZeroFlush waterless urinals are tested and certified compliant with the WaterMark Certification Scheme administered by the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB), which ensures that all plumbing products used in Australia are fit for use and cannot cause contamination of the water system or be a public health concern. The WaterMark Certification Scheme is a legally enforceable mandatory certification scheme and not voluntary.

It has been disappointing and concerning to find ZeroFlush waterless urinals installed at the City of Gold Coast administration building in Bundall and the Gold Coast Convention Centre at Broadbeach having had the WaterMark approved operating systems removed and Enswico Key-System urinal wastes illegally substituted.

Aquatemp has come across installations of Enswico Key-System urinal wastes in ZeroFlush, Uridan and Falcon waterless urinals, which appear to have been illegally installed by cleaning companies or so-called hygiene companies who are breaking the law if anyone other than a licensed plumber undertakes servicing or maintenance of a waterless urinal.

In almost every case, the cleaning or hygiene company has installed the Enswico Key-System urinal waste. They deceive the building managers about approvals because they don’t care whether it works as long as it makes money for them.

Enswico urinal wastes create an open sewer connection on the urinal

We have been called out to investigate installations of ZeroFlush urinals with odour issues where Enswico urinal wastes have been installed and have found that the universal one-size-fits-all nature of the Enswico Key-System urinal wastes has failed to create a seal and essentially has left an open sewer connection on the urinal which then emits foul odours.

This illegal substitution of WaterMark-approved systems results in ZeroFlush waterless urinals getting the blame for being defective when the problem is the servicing being done in a non-compliant manner by installing illegal Enswico Key-System urinal wastes rather than the tested, certified and WaterMark-approved EnviroSeal in the mistaken belief they are saving money.

If you have Enswico urinal wastes installed, you are entitled to a refund and compensation

Under Australian consumer laws, if you have purchased and installed Enswico Key-System urinal wastes based on representations made by Enswico, Stoddart Manufacturing or their representatives, then you are not only entitled to a refund but also compensation to have your urinals brought back to a legally compliant status under the WaterMark Certification Scheme.