Black Mould Removal

by | Jul 4, 2014 | Mould

Black mould removal is made easy and safe.

Black mould removal in bathrooms and kitchens frequently involves caustic chemicals such as bleach. Generally, chemicals work by burning, melting or corroding a substance, which only has a masking effect.

Aquatemp’s kitchen and bathroom mould and mildew unique enzyme cleaner from Enzyme Wizard is the perfect product to kill black mould as it is a natural product. Effectively, it takes nature to clean up nature, and the enzymes penetrate the mould right into the roots and kill the mould.

Painters repainting the kitchen in our office at 149 Smith Street, Southport, struck black mould in the cupboards and had tried to clean it with bleach as they could not paint over the black mould. The bleach had smeared the black mould but not removed it or killed it, as can be seen in the photo below.

black mould removal

Rather than use caustic chemicals, the cupboard was sprayed with Enzyme Wizard Mould & Mildew enzyme cleaner and left for 5 minutes to allow the unique enzyme formula to kill the mould.

After 5 minutes, the entire cupboard was wiped clean using a microfibre cloth. As you can see in the photo below, the black mould has been killed and has simply been wiped off, allowing the painters to continue with repainting the wall, which was in desperate need of repainting.

black mould removal

As these two photos demonstrate, when you use nature to control nature, everyone wins, as the enzymes are 100% effective in biodegrading and emulsifying the proteins that make up black mould. After 5 minutes, the black mould had broken apart the components of the black mould and biodegraded them into carbon and oxygen.