Bathroom Cleaning Is About Solutions Not Problems

by | Oct 14, 2013 | Enzyme cleaners

ZeroFlush waterless urinals outperform all our competitors

ZeroFlush waterless urinals have been Aquatemp’s flagship product for several years. While we know through constant testing, research and development that ZeroFlush waterless urinals outperform all our competitors, we constantly have the integrity of our products adversely affected by commercial cleaning companies that:

    • fail to adhere to the manufacturer’s daily cleaning instructions
    • use non-compliant cleaning products
    • try to mask poor cleaning and servicing practices with urinal mats and or perfume spray dispensers
    • use non-compliant parts such as Fresh & Green
    • use inferior quality chemical cleaning products such as bleach-based products

Bathroom cleaning is frustrated by cleaners using chemicals

In both Australia and Singapore, we are constantly frustrated by the actions of cleaners who use poor-quality chemicals on our products and then, when issues arise, blame the urinal rather than looking at their own practices.

For this very reason, Aquatemp began supplying the Enzyme Wizard range of commercial and domestic cleaning products that are a guaranteed supply of plant-based enzymes and enzyme products. As a result, we can guarantee the ingredients that go into the products. By its very nature, Enzyme Wizard products can be used to eliminate odours and organic matter.

Even with a complete range of solutions, we still see commercial cleaning contractors ignore everything and create problems where there are none. Creating problems enables short-sighted cleaning contractors to supply building owners with short-term solutions that are invariably not solutions but simply masking and blocking agents.

Product testing for bathroom cleaning

It was refreshing to see a recent report from New Zealand where product testing has revealed the best and the worst bathroom cleaning solutions and, in this case, specifically used to remove soap scum. After testing 18 different sprays, wipes, and liquid and gel products, Consumer New Zealand could only recommend four commercially available cleaning products, plus reveal five poor-performing cleaning products.

The top brand cleaning products were:

    • Dettol Power
    • Pure Bathroom
    • Oz Kleen Shower Power
    • Ecostore Bathroom & Shower Cleaner

Conversely, the poor-performing cleaning products they tested were:

    • Domestos Thick Original Liquid
    • Easy-off Bam Active Foam Soap Scum & Shower Spray
    • Exit Mould Spray
    • White King Power Clean Bathroom Gel
    • Select Scrub & Wipe Multi-Purpose Wipes

All of the cleaning products were tested on their effectiveness at removing a “special blend of soap scum”, which was baked onto white ceramic tiles. Each cleaner was tested on eight tiles, each scrubbing 20 times with a mechanical scrubber. This then enabled a “scum-removal rating” to be given to every cleaning product, passed by measuring light reflection before and after scrubbing.

It is interesting to note that apart from Malcolm Rands, founder and chief executive of Ecostore in New Zealand, none of the other manufacturers would comment on the results. Malcolm Rands pointed out that the “great” results supported changing perceptions about eco-friendly products, which chemical companies frequently create. Malcolm Rands pointed out the following after viewing the test results:

“There’s a lot of prejudice from the past that eco products cost too much and don’t work, and we are right up against that,”
“But now lots of companies are looking at plant-based chemicals, and there is some fantastic research coming out, and we are being looked to as a world leader.”

Bleach is not a cleaning product.

It was positive once again to see independent testing showing up that bleach products were not, in reality, cleaning agents and once again, Malcolm Rand was correct with his comments that “Bleach isn’t the best way to get rid of mould, which feeds off soap scum, because it can discolour mould at lower bleach concentrations. So you think it’s done the job when it hasn’t,” the report said.

Chemical cleaning solutions made up of masking and blocking agents are never the solution. They only ever create more problems. Enzyme Wizard products are:

    • plant-based sterols
    • all-natural
    • effective at accomplishing the specific job targeted

Enzymes are environmentally friendly and, in many instances, actually help the task of cleaning the waste and toxic by-products of manufacturing and everyday life. In contrast, chemicals are not limited to the job intended and often cause harm to the environment.